I love the site and it inspired me to get fixed. Here is my '86 Schwinn Traveler, which was just sitting around after I got a new road bike last year. Filed off most of the braze-ons (left the water bottle and pump braze-ons) and repainted myself with spray paint enamel (I would highly recommend a cheap powdercoat instead). Paint scheme from one of my alma maters - UCSB Gauchos or Michigan Wolverines - I can't decide which.
27" rims, Mavic MA2 radial laced on the front, Suzue basic flip flop on a Weinman rim on the back. 40 x 16 with Sakae SE 170 cranks; hopefully it will be OK on hills here in Albuquerque. Dia-Compe front brake, SPD pedals, clip and flip bars.
Took my first fixed ride after getting it together last night - turns out to be very important to keep pedaling at all times on one of these. :) Hope to get the hang of it enough to use it as my primary commuter. Keep up the good work.
Dan Long - nmfixed@hotmail.com