Here for your perusal is a blast from my past, pulled out of storage and hacked into a fixie. I goth this Schwinn Scrambler in the '70s, a primitive BMX bike with 7.5" Ashtabula cranks with matching stem and fork, chromeed steel rims with coaster brake and a chainguard. By the time the '80s rolled around, it had seen things like magnesium mags, alloy bars/stem, freewheel-converted coaster brakes, chromo forks, and eventually ACS plastic rims (that remain to this day) with the cheapest "road" tires I could afford (I had almsot no money as a kid and most upgrades were cast-offs from friends and such). It had evolved into a single speed "road and trail bike" by then and took me all over the high desert of Southern California until about '84.

A few months ago, I was reunited with the bike, and decided to turn it into a fixie. After all the years, I'm still terminally underfunded, so I decided to hack the rear hub with a Dremel so that it's essentially a flipflop with a Bendix cog fastened to the old red ACS hub. I wad to toss the 7.5" Ashtabula crank since my knees can no longer take that kind of abuse (I can't figure out how I used to deal with it way back!). Several bars have been on the bike so far, flat, drop, riser, currently bullhorns, but I'm still not satisfied. I may try some North Roads soon. The gearing works out to about 54", a bit low partly because I'm in no hurry, also partly due to a inability to find a smaller rear cog and the inability for the frame to accomodate a chainring larger than about 44t. Geometry is unusually laid back, a loooong steel Wald stem brings the bars up to level, and the fork is a no name that I found in the alley. And a inexpensive Odyssey BMX sidepull does braking on the front wheel. The fat tires and plastic rims feel good and soften some of the bumps out. -