Dear Dennis,

If the definition of a successful website is one that has people to constantly returning to ooh and ahh over interesting new content, then this site very successful. I hope that you find it enjoyable to administer, because your audience is very appreciative of your efforts. This is probably my most visited bookmark in the last few months.

My own fixie submission has an interesting story behind it. I raced and trained on a wonderful Bianchi Reparto Corse SBX track some years ago, graduate school poverty forced me to sell it and I have kicked myself ever since. I kept my superbe pro racing and training wheelsets though, hoping to someday return to the fixie fold. I could not justify spending money on a new frame, as my primary sport these days is long track ice speedskating and all my pennies go for that, but nosing around the web one day I came across this page.

This is a form were you can plug in the chainstay length of your conventional frame, as well as the cogs and chainrings you have on hand. It will spit out a very nice table that has all the combinations that will be close to working. I had a nice Klein frame that I used to race a lot in the basement. I plugged in its values and found that with a 49 link chain, I could have a spinny training gear of 48-17 and my old racing gears of 50-15 and 50-14. Using my old wheelsets, and limiting myself only to parts in my basement, Voila! I was back in fixie land for free!

The Klein built up wonderfully, and like all Kleins, if you run over an ant, you can tell if itís a red ant or a black ant. Its not a groovy steel ride at all, its dragster fast & wicked light, one of the best out of the saddle sprinting bikes I have ever ridden, 16 lbs as pictured.

With a track drop bar, no brake, track length cranks and my old race tubular wheels, the dang thing is 13.5lbs! Riding a fully geared bike feels sluggish now. I call the bike the Lizard King, after the head tube decal I put on after an endless road ride through the canyonlands near Moab. I still miss my Reparto Corse Bianchi track, and would own one again in a second, but for now the Lizard makes me smile every time I ride.- Andrew Love

Klein Lizard King Specs

Frame: Klein Quantum Pro Aluminum 55cm, vintage í93
Fork: SR Sakae Litage
BB: Klein press fit
Headset: Mystery Shimano
Stem/Handlebars: Cinelli XA & Scott Drop-ins,
Brake/lever: Shimano Dura-Ace and misc suntour atb
Wheels: 32h Superbe pro hubs, Sun mistral rims, Dt
spokes back, Hoshi bladed front
Tires: Continental
Crankset: Clark Kent 175mm road, 48t shimano ring w/17 tooth suntour cog, SRP Bolts
Pedals: Time titan magnesium
Chain: Ancient Shimano uniglide
Saddle/post: Selle Italia Flite & American Classic

Andrew Love -