I finally completed my custom fixed MTB!
I used Dedacciai's steel diameter steel tubes for the frame and fork and used standard angles; 71 head tube, 73 seat tube with custom tube length dimensions specific to me. As a steel lugged builder I had previously run into issues with respect to the limited amount of options I had with a HT for 1-1/8 steered so I used a tapered Dedacciai tube set that allowed me to use the desired lugs and a relatively light 1in steerer. I love Compact Frame but not the fishing pole seat post's inherent with the design. So I made an extra long seat tube to eliminates the fishing pole and inadvertently added a tuff look to the bike! This look is accentuated with a pair of AWESOME mtb fixed gear specific Level Component hubs. Finally, I choose the "Disco" silver as the color to give the bike a sweet look. Thanks for the fantastic site.
CCC solutionsby3c@yahoo.com