Damn there are some nice bikes there! Well, I have to say constantly perusing your gallery has resulted in much amusement to my neighbors who notice my bike looking different with each passing week.
However, I have to thank your site for finally inspiring me to go brakeless. I tried it a few years ago and couldn't do it but now I am suprisingly at ease w/out brakes on most rides. [I have removed the road brake from my Panasonic. Attached is an update of it].
Here is a photo of my Puch fixed gear. Back when I went to university i used to ride it a lot. It had all dura-ace components from the late 1960's early 1970's. Repainted an' fixed it. 42x18 but once I get my other fixed gear rear wheel it'll be be a smaller gear in the back [right now it shared with the panasonic!]
Riding w/out brakes can be dangerous here with hills, but it is also fun, and totally exhilerating. I feel like I go back in time every time I ride this thing!
-- Elvis - rbc5br@comcast.net