The Best Gallery ever!! The first bike is a custom made road bike made circa 1980 in Oregon somewhere. I bought it as a complete bike from the original owner but was to excited at the idea of turning it into a fixed gear to note the name of the maker. It came with a full Nouvo Record groupo from the time. The bike was spaced at 121mm so I didn't even have cold set the rear triangle. I pretty much just got wheels built at Mighty Riders down the street and started riding. The Surly is my first real fixed gear. I was looking for a single speed road bike last September and found an add for a cheap fixed gear. I went to check out the bike and after one ride I was hooked. That bike was nothing special so I went to Mighty and had Ed build me real fixie. After seven months of upgrades and spending way to much money it is "done". Gearing on both of the bikes is a gain ratio of 5.5. Thanks Meshkat Krazykat(at) Big ups to all the fixie rides in Vancity Meshkat -