Hi Dennis,

This is an old chromoly Schwinn Traveler that did some dumpster time in its first life. The brown primer spots are where brazings were pulled off. It uses the original 27 inch steel wheel in the rear and a track cog held onto the hub threads with JB Weld (only broken loose once during hard stopping - not cataclysmic because of the front brake). It has a new 700 front wheel and a 700 c size fork. The new fork has a little less rake than the original fork, and the shorter fork and smaller front wheel help make the frame geometry a little more upright. I used the original headset with the threadless fork by grinding the threads off with a dremel tool - obviously not the most professional job of bike building with regard to any aspect of the bike but it's ridden well for over a year (so far) of commuting and city bicycling.

thanks for the great site! - Brian www.houseofnoh.com/blogger