Dennis, many thanks for the wonderful site. I check it every day. Donation en route (mail).

This bike is built on a 1985 Trek 600 frame which I've owned for 20 years. Its given me many many happy miles in several different configurations. After a few years of neglect its now enjoying a rebirth as a fixed gear. Reynolds 531 steel with most of the extra bits filed off. Specialized road hubs set up suicide style with BB lockring and locktite. Works fine but I keep the front brake on just in case. Mavic MA40 rims, Shimano 600 cranks, MKS pedals w/clips & straps, flopped/chopped noname bars, and various other odd bits. 42 X 16 about right for the Virginia hills.

Andy Dobson

"Time enjoyably wasted is not wasted time."