>Title: David Diesing's Sears "sunday driver" > >Dennis, >Hi again. >This is my second fixie submission. My first one is (#1903 the Bob >Jackson). >This Sears bike was found years ago in a alley in Ohio. I think It looks >just like a Schwinn cruiser. >I mounted a chrome Tange racing fork, and a SR stem, Araya rims with Tom >Slick tires (Ritchey), >MKS pedals with Christophe clips and Campy leather straps, and finally a >Takagi 1 piece crankarms. >Bars and seatpost are original. >SHE IS VERY STURDY. Great for a lazy Sunday ride. > >>>Props to Mary Howard for the enviroments.<< > >Thank you for looking. >David Diesing >Brooklyn > >mountainhouse@hotmail.com >