Love the site! My friends have been riding FG's for the last ten years or so, but I didn't put together my first until three years ago. This is it. It's a GT Hybrid from 1988 or 1989 - my first 'real' bike, from when I was in third grade. Marketed before the term "hybrid" was commonly applied to those 700c flat bar abominations, it was a 24"-wheeled mountain bike with BMX-ish geometry.

I painted it gold, suicided a cog on, and changed the chainring, stem, and bars. All other parts (except for the blue cable holder thingy) are stock. This bike's always going to have a rear brake, just because the whole setup is too weird and fun for me to ever want to get rid of. The paint job's a custom-mix auto finish rattle can thing, and it's not at all durable. Eventually I'm going to shave off the unneeded brazeons and get as gold a powdercoat as I can, maybe slap on some newer wheels and tires too (the biggest, fattest slicks I can find).

Oh, and it'll eventually rock a Brooks of some sort. But that's it.

Zach S.

Portland, OR