Hey Dennis! Such a great site I've been following it daily for about a year now. So it's time to submit my beauty which I just finished up. My valiant steed is a early 90's Mercury Corsair 1. Original bb and cranks (unknown), wellgo clipless pedals, I've outfited it with Alex DA16 double wall rims built on shimano deore hubs. The rear hub is fixed with the cog mounted on the disc side as per instructions for on your site. the tires are nothing special to speak of, and on front I've convert from a quill stem to a 1 1/8" stem with oversized profile design airwing bars. The future for this beauty is better tires, new cranks, and pedals. This beauty has handled some great terrain including light singletrack riding. Thanks again for all your effort on this site, it has been the encouragement for me to go fixed gear and I am in love... can it get better thank fixed?

-- Paul Dixon Edmonton, AB http://www.dixonfamily.ca/paul/

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