I'm finally submitting my Jonny Cycles - finally got her together and took the maiden ride! This bike was long awaited but so well worth the wait! Jon Kendziera is a steel wizard! Details abound! Note the Paul crankset, and Jon's heat-symbol chainring treatment! and the mojo etching on the stem - matches the headtube of my previously submitted Land Shark. Check out Jon's site for more pics ( www.jonnycycles.com ) I spec'd fastback seatstays, and Jon did a great job on that, as well as so neat lugs and fork-crown.

The frame fits just right! and rides sooo smooth! Stand on the pedals and she takes off! I can't think of enough accolades for this, and Jon deserves them all. This one is a rider, tho', despite her fabulous looks.

Specs: Jonny Cycles steel frame, fork and stem; Jon's track forkends (star cutout); Jon's artistic modifications on the lugs; Phil hubs, Velocity rims (Jon also built the wheels); Paul crankset (again, Jon's special treatment on the chainring); Campy Croce d' Aune (sp) pedals; Rivendell Rolly Polly tires; Campy Ti seatpost, Campy headset; Deda dark polished shallow classic curve Newton bars (man they took forever to find); Fizik saddle; Nitto bottle cage (and my mod with Jon's decal on the bottle); Honda Element to match the bike :-) I know that there are more pics than you ask for, but I'm just so stoked about this bike, I had to send more!

Pay Pal on the way. Thanks for the fabulous site!

Linwood Hines Chesterfield, VA