Hi Dennis, thanks for keeping the gallery, such a great record of so many nice bikes. Great source of inspiriation.

My name is Sean, I live in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. This is my first fixed gear. Bought for cheap as a 10 speed. Converted for a few hundered bucks. Biggest expense was the wheels, both are surly's laced to alex 390s. I had the rear one built up and used the original 27" front wheel (see first picture) for a while until I got around to building up my own front wheel. Biggest job was getting the cottered cranks off and old bottom bracket out, and getting a new bottom bracket in with a more contemporary spindle and cranks. In the end a spindle off an old maruishi that I salvaged from the dump is what I used. You may notice the original cottered cranks in the first picture versus the newer stuff in the other two pictures.

If anybody has questions, comments or suggestions please email me. I'm not sure about the exact model of the bike, I just know its an older peugeot.

Big thanks to everyone in the gallery who I emailed for input and suggestions. This bike would not exist without the gallery.