Hi, thanks for a brilliant website.

This is a Concorde low-profile TT frame that has had its vertical drops replaced with track ends and all the braze-ons sawn off (big thank you to Lee). Originally, the colour-scheme was horrendous 1980s day-glo pink, green and yellow. The current and much less exciting finish is the result of a couple of tins of paint-stripper and Hammerite.

The rear wheel is 700c and the front 650c. Affordable and suitable 650 size parts proved a total nightmare to get hold of. The forks, eventually sourced from California, are 6061 Kinesis straight aluminium (1" threaded). When I cut the steerer, I left it a little long and filled the gap in the headset with a few spacers (thank you Brixton Cycles for giving me these and for pressing the headset for free). Along with the inverted stem (3T, 80mm - attached to a Deda quill-to-ahead converter) this makes the riding position a bit more comfortable.

Other bits include; 3T Pista bars stoppered with wine corks, Goldfinger brake-lever, generic calliper brake salvaged/stolen from my flat-mate's road bike, white San Marco saddle, cheap 26.8mm seatpost, 105 1" headset, RPM chainset (49x18) with double sided SPDs, gold KMC BMX chain, Campag Athena BB and a couple of budget deep-section wheels.

Terrifying but fun to ride.

David Morley, London