This '84 Schwinn World Sport was my pathracer contest entry. (I've included a pic that didn't make it on the first go) That's close to the set-up used on the Symposium Singletrack ride where I learned how pointy the stem can be when the bike stops before I do. Those wheels and cranks/bb went to my porteur/utility bike (6044) The current configuration features my first wheelbuild. (NOS 27" Wolber Alpine Super Champion rims) Other favorite parts include the polished Mavic starfish cranks and Rivendell/MKS Grip King pedals. It's running 42/16 but I plan to add at least a 17 tooth cog on the other side of the fixed/fixed rear hub to battle vicious, frozen headwinds on the Illini Chill ride in February. It's my time-machine/scorcher bike. Thanks Dennis. proj on, n8 Mt Zion, IL