Hey Fixers, This is my Swobo Sanchez. I bought it as a complete bike from Orange 20 in LA (these guys KNOW fixed.) Right away the rear hub striped itself so they replaced it under warranty (very cool.) I also had them throw on a Tektro brake and lever. Then I immediately had to replace the seat (cause it caused my crotch to go numb) even though the Swobo one has an under seat bottle opener (and that is too cool.) I also added a Bicci top tube pad and SPD pedals. The only other upgrades were the tires (Soma Everwears with white striped sidewalls) and the front wheel which is now a Aerospoke 700c with a machined brake surface. I think it looks dope. The writing on the bars are the rides I did the first month or so I had the bike. I would love to make the stem white and the brake lever and brake as well. I have a pair of all white tires coming that should look dope as well. I love the white/ silver combo but white/black/ silver I am not so crazy about. We will see what time will bring... Stuart PS love the website thanks so much