First let me just say thank you for putting together this incredible site! I could honestly spend hours upon hours browsing through all the photos. Keep up the great work! Attached are photos of my fixie. It was bone stock 59cm Cannondale r500, but after getting many many miles out of it in that configuration, I decided to fix it! Rear wheel is an old Mavic rim built up around a Surly flip flop hub and bolt-in solid axle (to get away with vertical drop outs). Im running a 42 in front and 16 in back. Ive got the freewheel set up on the other side, but have yet to use it!! The brake is an old Shimano lever that I rigged up on the handlebar stem, running to a Shimano RSX caliper. Kind of a weird setup but it works for emergencies. The bars are just some generic drop bars. I switch off between those and a straight MTB type bar. Hope you like it! Im already looking for a steel frame to build! Jerry NanceSan Luis Obispo, CA _________________________________________________________________ You keep typing, we keep giving. Download Messenger and join the iím Initiative now.