Here is the bicycle i just finished building. it is my first road bike, and my first Fixie. I have been a mountain biker my whole life, but here on south beach, i decided to get something a little more for the road and getting to a little further places in a different style. I had this bike layin around i was given by an old friend. It used to belong to the singer of "the misfits". Just a cool little sidenote. So after doing some research on bike messengers, i learned more and more on FIXIES and decided to make my own and boy do i love it. About 20 hours went into this, stripped it of all shifting mechanisms, rear break and cables. Polished everything to brand new to get rid of all the rust, old grease, dirt, spiderwebs, and dust. replaced tires and tubes, and the grip on the handlebars, Changed the rear hub to a fliflop hub with only a track cog for now. shortened the chain, relaced up the wheel with new spokes but kept the rim itself. and there ya have it, some tightening and cleaning, some trueing and tuning, some adjustments and there i have my bike. LA PODEROSA II. Without the inspiration from all the pictures on this site i certainly would not have done the job i am happy with today. Thanks again, hope all can appreciate this

-- Tom Laveuf Audio engineer and Photographer Miami, FL 352.262.5235