>From Georgia, just south of Atlanta

Dennis, Thanks for the great site. Helps keep me sane when I'm down/off the bike.

Here she is folks, my FrankenFixed. The frame is an old Trek steelie MTB, that has seen many incarnations. I built the wheels using White Industries Hubs, the Eno eccentric in the back, laced into a pair of Sun CR-18 hoops, with 36 spokes. Those are Maxxis Overdrive 700 X 38 tires, effectively it's a 29'r. The cranks are an old Shimano 105set, using a 38T middle ring as the chain ring. Surly 18T track cog in the back. That's a ratio of 2.1:1, or 61 inches. I used a set of Mavic offset brake arches to accommodate the huge 700s in what Trek intended to be a 26" wheel frame. Pedals are Shimano DX, and very comfortable, thank you. Most of the other parts came out of my spares/junk bins.

This bike gets ridden regularly under all weather conditions, on and off road, and just about anywhere I can think of to go. The "FF" is more pure fun than any other I've ever owned. She climbs well, is a bit of a handful on a steep descent, will roll over almost anything, and she is just super smooth. I can't help it, when I'm aboard this beast, I'm grinning huge.