Hey, thanks for creating a great site!!

This is my father's old '72 Schwinn Continental converted. My buddy Josh got me hooked on fixie and helped me put this together. It's been a blast learning to navigate this beast. It's a bit heavy in the back end but other than that, a dream to ride. I completely replaced the drivetrain (sugino cranks/ring, surly cog, sram chain, shimano spd pedals). Threw on new wheels (nice deep V rims with a flip flop hub for fixed on one side and a free-wheel side eventually and really sweet michelin racing tires). 'Horned up the handles. And polished up the frame a bit. For those nerds out there who are into old Schwinns, I had to buy an adapter for the BB to convert from the large BMX-style BB to the newer, small kind. I think the bigger BB was an old french and the adapter converted it to an english BB (see photos). Sorry for my ignorance on this.

Right now I'm running 48/17, and it's perfect for the relative flats of Corvallis, Oregon.

Thanks again for this awesome, inspiring site!!