Hey there:

I definitely dig your site. I'm attaching some pics of my labor of love. She is a double-sided (fixed on both sides), double-chain, "double dragon". The frame is a Japanese steel Duracycle "Moth" track frame from back in '94. I decided to strip it down recently and rebuild with two sets of Sugino 75 cranks, a Sugino 75 BB, Nitto bar and stem, MKS Sylvan pedals (two right-side pedals to accomodate two right-side crankarms), and an old Selle Turbo saddle. I had the wheels built with bomb-proof Mavic Open Sport rims and Surly 36H hubs (3X lacing). Obviously, weight was not the first concern -- this girl gets ridden hard in the streets of NYC (sidewalks and all, when necessary). A new-old-stock Sun Tour Superbe Pro front brake is there just in case. . . . don't want to taste any taxi bumpers.

Trackstar in NYC suggested I submit some pics, so here she is . . .

Stuart (sambaesq@yahoo.com)

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