Here is my leader 720TR, My name is Alex and I'm from Boise Idaho. I recently built this bike up piece by piece and since it was my first bike project I've ever done I hit some snags along the way, one of which was the chain line, getting it straight with that sins bmx crank set was a pain since I had no previous experience with bottom brackets and their sizes and after doing various measurements I ended up having to use a Sugino 103mm bottom bracket to make it work. The front end took even more time, I bought the fork used on ebay and since the frame is 62cm it requires a very long steer tube and the one the fork came with wasn't long enough so with some help from my uncle I had a solid piece of aluminum turned down on the lathe to the exact diameter as the 1 1/8 steer tube on both the inside and outside out the pipe, then it was welded throughly around the seem and now it's very solid and an inch and a half longer. Since the frame is intended for an integrated headset and the fork I had wasn't integrated I had to machine down the standard 1 1/8 threadless headset down just enough to drop it in the frame only the upper cup need work, them I filled the gap where the internal bearings should have been with some tight fitting o rings and buttoned it all together. The color on the fork happened to match the font on the frame exactly so I toped it off with a black crash tube and a matching maroon tire to top it all off. The riser bars are originally off an old mountain bike, I stripped, primed, painted, then chopped them down then hit them up with track grips.