Hello Dennis first off me and wendy would love to thank you and the rest of your crew at FGG for all you do in our community [ fixed gear bikes and just cycling in general ] your site is the corner stone.

About 4 weeks ago a friend sent me a link to bikedirect.com they had the Mercier Kilo TT for $349 free shipping. I had to know what a three hundred and forty nine dollar bike would ride like. out of the box it was amazing you don't need any fancy tools to assembly it at all. a 15mm wench and a basic bike compact tool and an air pump will get any one up and running in 30 minutes.Ordered it on a tuesday and received it on a friday. If someone was wanting to get into fixed gear ridding this is a awesome bike to start with good steel frame and good selection of parts. I ride 700 x 28 tires and i still have room for a set of fenders. it is a true track frame and fork so it is tight and tall perfect for city traffic. The bars come pre wrapped with tape. so far I can not find a problem with what you get in the box outside of the pedals.

I did alter the bike by chopping 2" off the fork tube and adding my own seat and bars stem and pedals.

cranks are 165

the fork is 1" not 1 1/8"

the post is 26.8 not 27.2

keep up the good work dennis and thanks

Isaac grigsby bag maker www.chicagowig.com