this is my first fixed gear... finished building it a year ago and took some pics while i was night riding around moore, oklahoma last summer. it is a 70's-80's? peugeot... only things i added are the velocity deep V's, sugino 75 cranks 165mm, and generic hubs, sprocket, and lock ring, everything else is original to the bike (love the stripped bar look and the front fork), now i just need to figure out something for the wacked out, super small, french size seatpost, its like 23.4mm i think?, 46:16 ratio gets me around pretty well. i will not get off my bike once i attempt a big hill, it's tough... but haven't failed yet! i tell people it has no brakes... and they cannot comprehend how i am supposed to stop... "what do ya' put your feet out like the flinstones...?" and i give them a stupid look and shake my head. i love how different it is... makes riding interesting again, especially at night! my peugeot has a very stiff frame, not a lot shock absorption, even from that raked out fork, but makes it feel very responsive and quick.

pictures are taken with my canon A1 50mm/f1.8 35mm. well, give me a shout if you are in the omaha, nebraska or oklahoma city, oklahoma area.... and we'll go riding.

check out some more of my pictures

thank you very much for all the work you've done with the site dennis... it's a daily ritual for me...