Thanks for keeping up this gallery. This is my 2001 or earlier Bianchi Pista, which I think was still made in Italy or at least I do not see a made in Taiwan sticker, not that it matters but I have not have a frame that is not made in US or Europe yet but that may change. I have Miche cranks for this but just never got around to putting it on, so right now it has Campy road cranks and a 16 and 18 cog with a Miche 46 chainring. I ride 46 X 16 mostly but if I am not mistaken the photo was taken with 18 cog. Using this to go to work and she goes at decent clip of 20-22 mph without killing myself. Just took her on an 85 mile ride and the 18 and 16 gears were helpful in the mountians of New Mexico. Took about the same time to down a power bar as flipping the wheel. I think except for the seat post, this baby does not have the original componets any moreThe other components are the usual suspects, 3TT stem, Modolo bars, Mavic CXP-22's and Bianchi hubs, Shimano 105 brakes, some old Ritchey pedals which I like cause they are wider.In this pic I was trying a WTB saddle with the pee drain. I went back to my beloved Selle Italia Flite saddle.

Just a nice honest bike. Honest as in you get what you put in. It has a springiness that I've never experienced in any other bike. Makes my day every time I ride it. BTW the horse in the back is a "Father Galaxy" our 18 hand Percheron draft... one of three!


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