hello! This is my Bridgestone keirin track, the frame is 49x52, i'm grateful the Japanese make a lot of beautiful bikes that are small enough for my little lady-legs. It goes as such: wheels, 36h Suzue Pro-Max to Mavic open-pros, radial front and 3 leading 3 trailing rear. Pearl stem, Nitto steel track drops, Hatta Swan headset, Brook's pro-s saddle, old seat post. Drive train, Suntour Superbe pro 165mm cranks w/ Sugino mighty 46 chainring, 17 Suntour cog, DID keirin chain, Sugino 77 BB, old MKS road pedals. I'll eventually replace the seat post and pedals, but other than that, this is it.

I hail from San Francisco, I ride everywhere and love (almost) every minute of it. I also love this city and its plethora of cyclists.

Thanks a lot!