I'm from Finland, but for this summer I'm living in Slovenia. I get interested of Fixed bikes in this spring. When I came here I wanted to make one bike for driving. I wanted to make it whit low budjet, so I started to build it out of junk bikes. Frame is old Yugoslavian build Rog and rest of the parts are from various bike wrecks. Rear hub is old one speed model, where I removed free sproket and replace it whit one from old Torpedo hub and just weld it on. I was driving whit it few days before I get tired of what frame looks. So I cut it up, inspiration for new shape was some great bike from web. Bike is now 15cm shorter than it was. Its great to drive, it still goes totally straight and I can drive slow and even corners whitout hands. Thats pretty great, especially if you look one pic where I marked all the cut places. I needed to cut it 2 times, because in first time crank was too close to front wheel. In future, I will get better cranks and chain on it, smooth and paint the frame and make some detailing. Its so much fun whit small money, I have been spend now less than 10 euros on it.

In Slovenija Fixed gear culture is just in beginning, as I know there is just 3 fixes on street. My friend started small blog for Slovenian Fixed gear bikes, address is: http://muslauf.blogspot.com/