Thanks for letting me know - I was slightly worried that the ZIP file I sent might not go through. Here's the submission with just the pictures attached, one by one (sorry about the indoor pics - we did all the bikes in a big batch, and didn't have time to take all 12 outside :)

Miranda's Nishiki A Nishiki frame saved from a certain rusty grave and converted the only way that made sense - fixed-gear (of course). She did the work - I advised while I worked on another bike. The electrical tape on the frame is to protect the parts of the frame where the paint had worn off. (Sketchily) filed off the braze-on for brake and shifter cables. The electrical tape covers that too :)

Nothing shocking about the parts - it was either on the bike already (stem, seatpost, handlebars, pedals, headset, front brake caliper/lever) or it's fairly standard fixie fare. The seat was just sitting around the house, and the pedals are going to be replaced as soon as Miranda can find her clip-ons.

My favorite is the rainbow sticker - it's the only decal that we kept (the others were classic Beverly Hills 90210 mint green and purple 80's Nishiki fare: amazing in their own right, but not worth saving).

>From what I understand, she doesn't go anywhere without this bike now. Such is the power of the fixie.

Love the site.. Donald Anderson

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