Here is my submission to the gallery, This is actually my second fixie but the first sent in. This is a 197? Schwinn World Tourer wearing a set of new old stock Schwinn World Sport decals and flat black rattle can paint, I purchased this bike complete at a thrift store while on vacation, My wife was so mad because I had to have it for the sum of $5.00 and we had the car already packed full of luggage, I disassembled as much as I could with a multi-tool and left the junky wheels in the dumpster behind the thrift store. The bike originally was equipped with a 6 speed cog, alloy mustache bars, fenders, and some steel wheels. I removed all the braze-ons plus the kickstand bracket replaced the Schwinn seat with an O.E.M. Brooks b5n saddle, gear ratio 40/18, the rear cog is from a kick back hub welded to a lock ring with another lock ring on top (very ghetto!), Hubs are sunshine, Araya rims, the bars are Sakae anatomic bends that I heated with a torch and bent to the desired horn shape, Left crank arm is a Raleigh and the right is a Schwinn Sakae, also notice the frame mounted hand brake lever (First on the list I'm sure), This actually worked out better than expected just don't hit it while standing!. I spent a whopping 10 bucks on this bike and could not be happier. Been checking the F.G.G. daily for the past 2 years and love what people are doing with all variety of bicycles. Keep up the great efforts of this website!

Brian K. Garner

Bowling Green, Kentucky