Chevy Chase MD actually, about a mile from the DC line on the Capital Crescent Trail. Spring is trying to get unsprung so I took a ride up the trail today only to spot two cool fixies locked up on the Loughborough Mill sign . The Red one is a De Bernardi Track Bike with Deep V rims and rise bars, the black a Spicer with an aero wheel and flat bars. On the other side of the bench is my Raleigh fixie, which took me 26 miles r/t on the trail today instead of doing a conference call . What could the hipsters who own these be doing in the woods on a Tuesday afternoon?

Anyone in DC interested in riding fixie @ the MS Bike fundraiser May 17-18 give me a holler.

Dennis... As always, keep up the good work. Come to DC and ride with us someday!

Best, J.P. in DC

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