Hey Dennis. Thanks for the site. It's an incredible inspiration.

I'm Ryan in Blacksburg, Virginia. This is HrÝmfaxi, my first of hopefully many builds. It means "Frost Mane", and is named after the horse of night which carried the moon in Norse mythology.

The 1983 Peugeot Carbolite 103 frame is from Bike Club in Annandale, VA. I would highly recommend that place to anyone interested in phenomenal service. As for the rest of the components: Sugino RD chainring and crankset / SRAM nickel chain / Velocity hubs and Deep V's / Brooks saddle / generic seatpost, brake, stem, and bullhorns / Knog Frog lights / Cinelli tape

I love this thing, so smooth and silent on the street. It's very light... and even though the frame is considered pretty low- end for its era, I think it's more than adequate for daily use and long rides. Perfect for me. At first I considered powdercoating it, but that electric teal has grown on me... plus the head badge is just too good to remove.

Most importantly I had a great time building and learning the mechanics of the bike, and it has taught me so much about routine.