Howdy, Steve from Chico, CA, home of the magnificent Sierra Nevada Brewery.= Had an Italian Giordana road frame lying around and wanted something to = do... debated cutting off the braze-ons, but maybe it'll be a roadie again.= A friend who happened to be an employee of SN hooked me up with the decals= , which are actual leftover bottle labels from bottling runs. We've got Whe= at on the right chainstay (no longer being made, sigh), Pale Ale over the r= est of the frame (the head, down, and seat tubes are a vintage print from y= ears ago... I'm only 24, I've never seen them), and I've got a Summerfest f= ork (not pictured, swapped it with a Rex threadless track straight blade be= cause, well, why not!?). Ridin' twisted Deep-V teak rims (with matching t= op tube pad, oh so lovey!!!), cheap-o generic sealed hubs, Sugino/Dura-Ace = drivetrain, FSA front end, and that lucious Brooks saddle that feels SOOO= OO good only after months of daily riding. Thanks for the awesome site!!!