Here are a few pictures of my new 61cm Pake. I got my start riding a fixed gear with submission 7,888 and was hooked right away. It was my exclusive ride throughout last year, and most of the Montreal winter. I decided this year I'd spend the extra on a tighter new frame rather than an old converted tourer and, after some research and a lot of head-scratching, I decided on the Pake. It's an added bonus that we called my grandfather Pake (pah-kuh, it's Friesian) so it gives the bike some extra meaning for me.

Nothing on this bike is too fancy. I just wanted something that was sturdy enough to handle my 210lb frame, while keeping a bit of style. (I've since peeled off the yellow Velocity sticker. Those suckers are really on there.) It's already survided one sudden encounter with a lamp-post and came out the other end in far better shape than myself, so it's a success thus far.

Thanks again for all the hard work.