Hey! Found you guys on stumbleupon My name is Matt Gunter and here's my 1986 Cannondale. I bought it at a Schwinn repair shop for 50$ in Sarasota FL. The parts as best as I can remember them offhand are as follows Brev 50t Chainring Hold Fast pedal straps I snapped the original fork and picked one up off of a Schwinn for a fiver, chopped the drop bars some time later. Velocity Chukkers Shadow Conspiracy half link chain Sugino (suguino?) crank arms Shimano bottom bracket (the reason I managed to get the bike so cheap, someone brought it in to have the BB replaced and never picked it up) The cog I found laying around at a bike shop 16t Michelin Dynamic Sport Tires 700x23C

Included is a picture of what it looked like when I bought it. Thank you for existing!

p.s. The driveside photo is the second photo, I apologize if this is an inconvenience and will resend the photos if need be.