hi dennis and u all, it's a long time i don't submit my bikes: that's the last one i build.

it's a special frame, two seat stays tubes in place of usual single seat tube, just to have a shorter bike and a different feeling when driving. the rear wheel enter the frame.

it' a mix of columbus and tange tubes, the chain stays comes from fork tubes (stronger than usual). all i brazed on bottom bracket is fillet brazing, and lugs appears only in steer tube and seat lug. rear end are made just for me (10 pairs) in uk, and the shape recall a wolfs head (i live in rome, and this city have a she-wolf as totem animal).

all the frame is oil-painted, with colours home made. i like it and is anti-rust too.

driving her is a gorgeus experience. for italian speaking people better words here: http://www.rotafixa.it/?p=798

have nice time.

paolo bellino, aka rotafixa - roma

-- butta la macchina, usa la bici