Hey, I am Bart from Belgium, 16 years old, i have a couple of fixed g= ear bikes and also old roadbikes, so here are a couple of them: first one, a NOS norta frame, it was pink so uhm i painted it, sturme= y archer cranckset, velocity rearwheel, spinergy frontwheel, kmc chai= n, blb stem, itm handlebars en san marco concor lite saddle, I am now= building a new wheelset with white blb hubs, black spokes, white nippe= ls and black rims (low ones, not high like that velocity about 1cm hight = I think)

second one: a homebluid frame (yes i have 2 of them) , charge bike dish w= heelset, surmey archer cranckset (agian), and brooks professional sadde= l, soms say they prefer the rise handlebar, but i can ride faster with = the other one, let me know what you guys think that looks the best, and= it has also its chain on the left side, not right , and yea i have qui= t long legs, i am about 1m89 with a short upperbody n3, I call him "the ugly basterd", made from the stuff left from al = the other bikes, i use it to practice on driving backwards, i don't lik= e to crush bikes that look good, don't mind the frontwheel it is the one = of my sister I am now building a bianchi sei giorni pista, i have another one, an "a= lan", one of the first alloy raceframes, but i havn't picture of it (ye= t) i can tell you it has a mavic cosmic carbon frontwheel and a corima 4spo= ke in the bakc an an old campy cranckset I wille send you pic's of the other bikes soon, and please adjust my spel= ling my English is very bad =