Greetings from the UK! Last weekend was the Dunwich Dynamo. Once a year, usually the first full mo= on of July, thousands of cyclists meet in London and cycle 125 miles in the d= ark, finishing at Dunwich Beach. The old town of Dunwich is under the waves= , a prevalent shipping town back centuries ago. The origins of the ride cir= culates around the idea that some London bike messengers got on their fixies= and just rode- eventually hitting Dunwich. Ride what you like- even a penny farthing! I rode my fixie, a 1960's Freddie= Grubb. It's a road bike conversion. Left at 8.30pm, made it to the beach a= t 5.15am. Later rode another 30 miles home ( but freewheel, making use of t= hat flip flop hub)! There's a fb page for the Dunwich Dynamo- you might find the posts very insp= iring as people of all abilities head out on this epic ride. Love the Gallery! Sean Antonioli

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