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Hello, this is my 3rd submission. 1st: Lupo (143XX Too bad is not fixed) Rugarli@Libero.It.htm 2nd: Bianchi Ala di gabbiano (14833) Rugarli@Libero.It.htm

3rd: Atala Bacchetta alleggerita (.....)

Atala old black frame and fenders, not repainted.

Removed rod brakes as some parts were missing (at the moment).Fixed hub.

New R-type 26 1-3/8 aluminum rims instead of the destroyed chromed steel ones.

New aluminum seat post, handlebar stem and handlebar tipo Torino with wood hand= les.

Brooks B67 Aged leather saddle.

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser cream tyres.

Original acetylene lamp holder.

Original crank set 42 with rear 18.

Selfmade wood handle, used for ditch jumping when roads were without tarmac.

Rubber Gigante handlebar protection, for supporting the bycicle against walls when= bike stands were uncommon.

White-painted part of rear fender, to increase visibility in darkness.

Bye, Nicola from Milano3 – Italy