Hello to the Gallery!     It's been a while since I dropped off the forum and into old motorbikes= and cars. I found these pics in my phone that I never submitted and figure= d it was a perfect reason to touch base. It's a Japanese made "Alpine Cycle= Group" for which I have never found any information about. The bike was sh= ipped to me by a buddy in Colorado a few years back after he rode it for a = season delivering in Boulder. He had bought the bike for $60 off of a Europ= ean kid on his way home who had bought it used and rode it all over the wes= t coast. I rode it for a while as a geared bike with the stock Shimano 600 = 14 speed group for a couple of years and then got bored. I found out that t= he rear wheel was a freehub body that would accept a Surly Fixxer converter= and set out to rebuild what was already a very comfortable, well fitting b= ike. The conversion went easy. I used a 18t Surly rear cog and a 48t track = ring to complete the driver train and the rest was removing parts.

Well, that was last year. Currently I am rebuilding this bike into a 24 spe= ed Randonneur,

I'll try not to be too much of a stranger in the future.

Andrew Anselmo