Hey Dennis,

Here is my fixed gear Surly Pugsley all set up for the Mic= higan winter.  I changed a few parts from stock and have found a comforta= ble set up now. 2012 Surly Pugsley. Race Face Maximus 170mm cranks, 34t F= SA SS chainring and Crank Brothers Mallet 3 pedals connected to a 19t Soma = fixed gear cog on the Surly SS hub (using BB lockring for backup).  I hav= e three wheels with different tires and gearing so I can make quick changes= (front to back or whatever is left hanging in the garage) for the variety = of weather and terrain I may encounter.  The Brooks Flyer and Titec J-bar= s work well with this bike.  I bought a cheap MTB disc offset rear rack a= nd with a few minutes of extra kludging, got it to mount center and solid o= n the fork so i can carry a lot of stuff up front strapped to the rack and = in my panniers (such as: ERG bars, beer, change of socks, survival gear, an= d weapons).  It will go through almost anything, but when the snow is hea= vy and up to the bottom bracket, I have to hike.


Waterfo= rd, MI