Hello fixed gear team,

Keep up the great work.

So here is the story of this bike.

This is an approx early 1970 Peugeot frame (to my understanding) that belonged to my grandmother. My grandparents were touring the Pyrenees around that time and her name was on the frame 'Luce Lopez'. Originally with tubulars, the bike slowly decayed in the attics for 20 years until I got the bug for fixed-gear projects and decided to convert it when I saw the wonderful frame.

It was quite a challenge as all the parts are with the old french system. with cotterpins and all. I managed to save up some parts, like the cups of the BB, the original Brooks saddle and the handlebars, all were duly cleaned, polished and restored.

As for the paint Job I wanted to do it myself and have a mix of restoration ideas (black and gold color palette) with a modern appeal (assymetric cycling colours). I saved up the signature name on see through paper. After months of sanding, cutting cable passes, primer, colours, trial and error, varnish, some more mistakes and angry neighbours this is the finished results.

For the parts, H+son for the rims, archetype and formation face. Miche for the hubs. Sturmey archer crankset and SPDs for the pedals. BLB headset. Forks and stems are second hand items, this aluminium fork was a last minute surprise, I have no idea of the brand. Shimano/tektro brake. Ratio is 46/15.

Photos were taken in Rotterdam were I live now.

Hope you like it. It is not just a pretty bike, logged more than 200K for the first week :)

More photos on Flickr for those interested. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jackson_newman/sets/72157634496134072

All the best