This is Elbert from Manila Philippines. This is my new Bambike, handmade = and assembled in the Philippines (check them out at

All this information I am about to share is based on memory, and I am = not a expert at bike building, so it may not be entirely accurate. = Anyway, the frame is made entirely of indigenous bamboo. Aluminum tubing = is inserted for the headtube, bottom bracket shell and seat post, with = the dropouts made of aluminum as well.

Before building, the bamboo is treated via a solar drier and then smoked = via a rice hull smoker to protect against pests and ensure durability. = Everything is joined together with epoxy, then wrapped with abaca (hemp) = and the sealed with resin. The frame is then finished with an automotive = clear coat.

All the other parts are from Taiwan, specially made for Bambike.

How does she ride? Two words: silky smooth. Incredibly, it is very quiet = too. Bamboo is an awesome material because it is light and strong at the = same time. It provides just the right amount of flex without being = inefficient the way a full suspension mtb does.

Although this is my third bike, it is my first fixie (I have a Ventana = X5 and a Giant TCR Advanced), and I am enjoying it so much that my other = bikes are now very lonely.

I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures.


Elbert Manila, Philippines