Trevor’s 1974 Raliegh Grand Prix

18,766 • Hi my name is Trevor. I am a bike mechanic in Aurora, Colorado. About a month ago I was given my 1974 Raliegh grand prix as a gift from another guy in the shop and it was in pretty bad shape. I quickly got obsessed with getting it finished and immediately started ordering parts and painted the parts of the frame that had been sanded off by the previous owner. Due to the fact that I didn’t have alot of money to spend while building this bike the components are pretty basic. I am running 48-16 on it. The bottom bracket, cranks, seat post and wheels were all ordered from J&B. Im running a Sram single speed chain, Gator Skin Continental tires, a Dimension stem and old handle bars that I pulled from the trash at work. The Shimano Pro Turnix saddle is pretty rad though!
Anyways this bike is super cool and its made the last month of my life fun and exciting. I would be honored if you would post it on fixed gear gallery.


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  1. Lucian Bogos

    Nice bike, kudos!

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