18,761 • Fixie friends, these are some pictures to highlight the work of a highly skilled craftsman right outside of Oslo, Norway. This is a DBS track frame, probably made by Daccordi as most of the high-end DBS frames were, built up with various second hand parts. The Mundialita saddle was a hideous dirty yellow and my attempt at rescuing the color theme by using red cork tape on the bars failed miserably. It was uglier than ever. I asked Sykkelskredderen ( https://www.facebook.com/sykkelskredderen ) to redo the saddle in an orange color to match the tires and the frame decals, but he insisted on doing the handlebars as well. Although the color turned out to be much closer to red than to the orange I had in mind, I’m really happy that I took him up on his offer (well, he insisted so not much I could do about it …) and I’m even prepared to admit that I was wrong on the choice of color. Notice the attention to detail showing in the blue threads holding the handlebar leather together.

Thomas B.