Daniel’s Crescent Sportracer

18,740 • Cheers! I am addicted to Fixed Gear Gallery and here are my own fixie. It is a 1972 Crescent Sportracer. Originally a three-gear version of Crescent Världsmästarcykeln. I found her at a second hand-shop for almost nothing at all. To be honest, she looked like shit but I realized there was something beneath all crap. So I stripped her down, changed wheels, handlebar, front brake and saddle and there she was. Small, light, smooth and a dream to ride. And a real beauty, isn’t she?
Regards, Daniel LundUmeå, SWEDEN

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  1. Whitney Bryen

    Hey Daniel, we posted your fixed gear on our Facebook page today and someone is asking about the handlebars. Would you send us some info or head over the Facebook post to share a little more? https://www.facebook.com/FixedGearGallery/posts/10154359838506710 We appreciate it. Thanks for submitting!

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