18,767 • Mid-80’s Peugeot, Carbolite 103 tubing, Unusual that it came with a triple crank. I ground the teeth off the 52 ring and use the 42 ring. A very old
piece of 400 grit wet/dry paper brought some of the pearl luster back to
the finish. 50 new ball bearings in the headset and a piece of 26″ inner
tube to cover the lower race to keep the elements at bay. Two photos from
Saturday; morning run to breakfast with the original bars (bent Guidons
Phillipe) and 16t cog. Evening run to downtown with 19t cog, fenders, and
an urban bar. Beware, Simplex dropouts are a bit short! With the 16t ratio
the axle was well within the dropouts. With the 19t ratio the axle is a bit
closer to the end than I would like to see. 62 cm frame, 59 cm top tube.


Denver, CO