18,776 •  Details:
1) Bianchi Sei Giorni frame, stripped and given brush finish. Seat-tube is fitted to hold a CO2 cartridge. Stock fork replaced with Super Pista fork.
2) Nitto 123b, bars, 35cm bent to 33.5cm width. Tubular shape of drops remodeled for maximum comfort with a “hands turned in” position.
3) 3T 150mm stem, deanodized and polished
4) thomson zero setback post, clamp area extensively reworked for cleanliness of shape.
5) Adamo seat with underseat compartment for patches and tire change tools.
6) EAS cog, slightly re-machined for quietness with KMC 11speed chain.
7) rear axles chopped, drilled and tapped for 6mm bolts.

Remaining parts are familiar off-the-shelf items.
-Gerry Hull