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18,821 • Today will be one of the most memorable days in my life.
I live in Louisville ky. Live in old Louisville and commute to work downtown. I also like to tear up the streets as well.
The story begins last week when my bike was stolen from work. Super sad day. Today I was ridding to go collect money from work. My co workers started a bike found so I could get a new bike they raised 500 dollars. After I left the hospital where I work to the bank for a deposit had extra money and was ready to purchase a new bike that I had been searching for. One my way home I noticed a bike. My head went handle bars seat wheel set. That’s my bike! My heart leaped forward into motion. I followed slow and was ready to jump off my loaner bike to give this guy a nocking of his life. On the phone with the police next, still following. The police Said they wound not pursue until I got off my bike and stopped. Three blocks later I said I’m off and responded with street names. Moments later police arrived eventually took the person off to jail. I had my bike back the best day ever!
I have been riding my steamroller for three years. I absolutely love it! I can spin with the champs! And even fall into day dreams while looking at it. Thanks for looking and much appreciated found website!

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  1. MoleMan

    Cool story, glad you got your bike back.

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