18,880 • Originally purchased this bicycle thinking if I didn’t like SS/FG that I could sell it for about what I paid for it. Also living in Miami, FL at the time, I figured if it was stolen that an inexpensive bike would be easier to handle. That was 7 years ago. Since it has been nothing but solid and reliable. Original components and expendables have held up to thousands of miles of riding. The welds aren’t the prettiest, but they are holding the frame together. I thought this bicycle would be out by the curb long before now. I keep looking for reasons to get a better quality SS/FG, but really can’t justify it since this one has been as reliable as it has. If it were to be stolen, I’d actually miss it more than I ever thought. Really was only a matter of wheel truing, getting a pair of chain tensioners, adding a top bar pad and upgrading the pedals, the bike is a joy to ride. Photo was taken at the Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island, FL Executive Airport.