Bob’s West Coast Hetchins

19,029 • I have been riding fixed wheel since the autumn of 1962 and seriously wanted, needed a Hetchins for a long time. So this is my Magnum Opus Hetchins frame built for me in 2004. She has all the braze-ons for derailleur operation but the cost of the frame did not allow me to buy the vintage Campy Record gruppo she deserves. However she does have Cinelli bars and goose-neck stem, Mafac Racer front brake (with a blank brake hood on the right for balance; a stokers nub) Campy track hubs front and back, Campy cranks and chainwheel. Current ratio 74 road inches. The pedals are Shimano clip-less (for safety) and at my age a modern saddle is a blessing. I did try a Brooks Pro. and my perineum reported me to the United Nations.

IMG_1365 IMG_1362 IMG_0003

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  1. Curtis Odom

    Very Nice!
    Love my Hetchins!!

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